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A well-functioning e-commerce (e-shop) is a good basis for success on the Internet


A good e-shop is the foundation of successful business


To start a successful business on the Internet? To have a quality shop with good administration in peace? To deal that will achieve a leading position in Internet search engines for keywords? We will create an e-shop will provide the smooth operation and supervision and monitoring of visitors. Believe it or not, but good internet marketing can provide you with turnovers, which you never imagined.


4x E-shop from Svět Firem. What makes us better?


1st Speed-viewed pages customers are eager and impatient, when not getting what they want, they go away and never come back. Therefore we place great emphasis on speed viewing pages. Is adjusting graphics e-shop.

2nd Application of e-shop, your e-shop must be apply to everyone. Visitors have different software, use a different browser. This one we are all aware of, and will adapt your shop to everyone. We emphasize the intuitive and easy navigation.

3rd Ease of administration, it does not mean that it would not meet even the most demanding requirements. We offer a luxury. The administration of our e-shop is a simple, yet satisfy all clients.

4th Safety for all-not just the administration but also the customers are protected with a password. Administration allows you to set several levels of user accounts. All passwords are encrypted, so nobody from the administration can not solve a customer's password. If the customer loses the password, it can generate a new administrator.

We guarantee all of these properties. See for yourself!


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Date of realization: January 2010
Client: BAU-HOLD a.s.
Client URL:
The client BAU-HOLD a.s.
For our client - BAU-HOLD SpA - We create websites that are built on content management / real estate system created exactly to your needs. Content management system for its administration provides comfortable and complete management of site content (text, photos, property management, news and more ...).

Would you like to have a little or maybe a completely different web site? ... Contact us and let everything else to us....
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