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The biggest mistake that can frustrate the effect of


Do you want for yourself, your company or business a flyer or poster that would prove to themselves přilákat sufficient attention in the best case and the reader forced those to open the internet and looked at your website and in the best case you bought a flat and or at least stopped and looked at your line of merchandise, or offer your services?? This is obviously the dream of every entrepreneur, magic flyer that this challenging and difficult as possible to do the job the best way.


Important but mistakes can be committed very easily and the resulting expected effect will not even occur!


Today, countless print ads, which floods us every day in mail boxes, advertising stands in every mall, and generally everywhere just look, you will attract important. There is evidence that each of us passing this particular paper "post" if we remain in mailboxes very quickly and if we glance at the advertising leaflet delivered anything, it immediately cease its focus and attention we have other newspapers, which the We spilled out of the mailbox along with us this "neosloveným" leaflet. And there may also be the second disappointment in a business perspective, the flyer landed in our mailbox, and just at that moment, when we were looking through the leaflets and a leaflet that was like and did not need it, even if the content of the goods or services that are currently only thanks we look bad graphic processing ani leaflet we also did not sell their service or goods, is also to the second biggest disappointment.


The ideal form of leaflets, posters and other promotional printed looks ...


Now this is important to think from the very beginning, when creating a successful graphic design begins to transform from an idea into reality. Now each of these aspects of remembering and we use them mainly to these situations to avoid future. We are aware of the fact that a well-prepared leaflets, posters or printed matter created jinak used for promotional purposes, it is many times better and cheaper as sales representative in the company brings additional costs associated with its operation (a monthly fee for phone service, your personal evaluation ....) and all can be saved by one successful graphic work for your future promotional leaflets, posters, company catalog or brochure.


It is not difficult to persuade a long time, you can only open the mailbox and .....


Our pick of web sites:

Hotel Ontario

Date of realization: March 2009
Client: Hotel Ontario
Client URL:
The client Hotel Ontario
Newly built hotel Ontario Garni *** is situated in the spa town Karlovy Vary in a peaceful and quiet location just above the famous Mill Colonnade, a few steps away from the healing springs.

For our clients we have created websites that are built on a content management system created to measure accurately. Content management system for its administration provides a convenient and comprehensive management of website content in 3 languages. Emphasis was placed on graphic design web sites.

Would you like to have a little or maybe a completely different web site? ... Contact us and let everything else to us....
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