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Graphics and creation of corporate culture (logos, business cards, letterhead) can not cheat


Want eye-catching logo?


Have your company logo? And are you satisfied with it? Or do not have one yet and are looking for someone who has enough ideas, so you invented a unique and attractive logo? You have reached the right place. Our team has a lot of ingenuity to fill your requirements. Create a logo that fits every eye, and soon you will remember.


Why have a company logo?


The logo is the beginning of corporate culture, which is gradually stored in the memory of all customers. For this reason, we place emphasis on careful selection of corporate colors and the elements to bring about good remember. If you order the production of logos for us, you will receive a choice of options. After that it depends entirely on you, which you choose. And that our work does not stop there. When you choose the option that you will enjoy most, there are still other adjustments. According to your comments we can do the logo for the final version, with him when you completely satisfied.


Company logo is an employee who works for free


Our goal is a satisfied customer, and therefore in our work will not rest until you have really, what do you come to us. We can do your ideas a corporate logo to reality. We will renew it and let that presented you with dignity and will acquire new customers and new.


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Business cards have to be brought at a glance


Do you have a business card? And you have all the business cards in the company aligned into one design? For each worker doing your own? And I like your colors and graphics that you currently use? If you are not satisfied with business cards, which currently have, let us know. You do not even worry about graphics, just tell us what your company colors, and let everything else take care of themselves.


What is your business card and what is it?


Business cards are now a vital link of business each entity. We understand that the first impulse, which is in personal contact with potential customers and future business partner. A business card should be concise, informative and most representative enough to attract at first sight with its design. If you order the production of business cards from us, you will receive a choice of options from which to choose one that you will most enjoy and which will continue to go through finálními modifications to the final version.


Commerce does not take place at the first meeting, leave a business card!


Besides the implementation of the cards also provide full service associated with the provision of printing (simplex and duplex in unlimited amounts) and transport to your home. Rarely happens that you immediately at the first meeting of a deal. People are suspicious, and now so can not convince. Therefore, it is good and necessary part of representative business card of every trader. And both merchant. You also close the stores. Really good cards to help you in that.


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Date of realization: September 2008
Client: Petra Bystrianská
Client URL:
The client Petra Bystrianská
For our client, we create websites that are built on a content management system created to measure accurately and which allows the owner complete management including oversight of its pages without our intervention. Emphasis was placed on the graphics and the inclusion of exceptionality flash photo gallery, evaluate the results themselves.

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