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Graphics and creating successful websites is our priority


The website is your mirror


Do you want quality business presentation? You want your visitors to come back again and buy you? Then you need a really good website or e-shop. The Web is a reflection of your company. Indicate in the best light. If you want to be seen and stand out in your field, you need an unusual presentation. You need something that pulls visitors from the general greyness. Investing in a quality websites is really worth.


What do we guarantee? So what is web based from us?


- Cutting edge technology, to achieve the highest quality websites, we use only the best

- Suitable design of the pages, do not use any templates, we each order a full effort and new ideas

- Active-approach does not mind us making adjustments during or after, our goal is to create a Websites to your complete satisfaction


What we focus on Web pages?


- Graphic design website design, modern website design

- Techniques websites (quick loading, correct rendering) - Take care to optimize the image, because not everyone has fast internet access and large size images with all the pages load slow

- The appropriate elements for websites (easy and fast web-browsing) - an important part of a quality websites graphics page layout and overall clear orientation

All these and many other principles in the creation of Web sites dodržujemea try to make the site so that users feel are as pleasant as possible. See for yourself!

Content management systems "turnkey"


To ensure that their Internet projects required timeliness of content, you just enough content management system. You need good content management system. You may be wondering why you should pay for something you can download for free. But simplicity, intuitiveness and přehlednostsi just downloaded. And here we guarantee our content management systems. Avoid the nerves with a new and unfamiliar system. Everything you learn, we will explain everything.


So what is CMS?


Would you like to change or update information on its websites or e-shop? Do you have fear of it, offer not because the knowledge of web designers or web programmers? Don 't be afraid! CMS will provide editing and subsequent publication of their own site content without needing to have some expertise. You do not need no longer be aimed at suppliers, which you created the site. The main benefit of editorial systems directly and fast přístupk content of corporate websites.


Basic features of CMS


Editing content in a content management system, with its comfortable approaching editing documents using standard editors like MS Word. Allows you to select the font style and color, insert images, tables, downloads, etc. The fundamental properties of the system can be considered:


- Editing Content
- Publication Content
- Access rights to items of
- Language Version
- Statistics
- The possibility of SEO


Content Management Systems from the World Companies will have all these qualities and much more. See for yourself!


Our pick of web sites:

KV Reality

Date of realization: December 2009
Client: KV Reality
Client URL:
The client KV Reality
For our clients - real estate - we have created websites that are built on content management / real estate system created exactly to your needs. Content management system for its administration provides comfortable and complete management of site content (text, photos, property management, news and more ...) in 4 languages.

Would you like to have a little or maybe a completely different web site? ... Contact us and let everything else to us....
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