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Date of realization: September 2008
Client: Petra Bystrianská

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The client Petra Bystrianská

Dear customers, welcome to my website, where you'd like a few lines představila.Jmenuji Petra Bystrianska since 1997 and is devoted to photography. My greatest passion is portraiture and child photography. For several years I worked at the Leica Gallery Prague Ltd., where I had the honor to participate in the many photographic workshops led by renowned Czech photographers such as Stano, Roman Sejkot Adolf Zika, Rudolf Jung, etc.

For our client, we create websites that are built on a content management system created to measure accurately and which allows the owner complete management including oversight of its pages without our intervention. Emphasis was placed on the graphics and the inclusion of exceptionality flash photo gallery, evaluate the results themselves.

Would you like to have a little or maybe a completely different web site? ... Contact us and let everything else to us.

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