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Paper Towels

Date of realization: August 2009
Client: ACTAPOL s.r.o.

Client URL:


The client ACTAPOL s.r.o.

ACTAPOL - cleaning and hygiene budovÚklid offices and halls, cleaning work on crafts and specialty cleaning services. We provide carpet cleaning, window washing, floor washing machine. We offer cleaning and cleaning Ecolab, Tork and Task. Paper towels, napkins Tork.

For our client we created a online store (e-shop), which is built on content management system created to measure accurately. Shop is due to its convenient and easy to use administration site administrator can easily add, remove, and modify all the goods. Shop is also equipped with interfaces for different retail and wholesale settings. Issuance of the Action of goods, sales, informing their customers send out news directly from the site and many more offers just the e-shop.

Would you like to have a little or maybe a completely different web site? ... Contact us and let everything else to us.

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